Congratulating Annan CAN Refurnish

That the Parliament congratulates the staff and volunteers at Annan CAN Refurnish on being awarded the Committed to Excellence award at the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence; acknowledges that the staff were praised for maintaining a consistently high level of best practice quality procedures within the scope of its business excellence strategy;

 believes that Annan CAN Refurnish stands out as a prime example of how commitment to sustaining business excellence can bring about transformational change in a social enterprise for staff development and best practice programmes; understands that Annan CAN Refurnish is part of Moffat CAN, a social enterprise focusing on environmental projects, including recycling and local food growing; further understands that the idea for a furniture re-use centre was borne from the realisation that furniture was part of the waste stream that could be dealt with much better and that young people starting out are always in need of cheap, good quality furniture; believes that the social enterprise will soon expand further with the opening of Lockerbie CAN, and wishes the staff and volunteers good luck for the future.

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