Labour insulting Alex Salmond as he stepped down won't sit well with public

The manner of Alex Salmond’s going says a lot about the state of Scottish politics today.

He rose to the occasion. His main opponents sunk without trace.

In his resignation speech to Holyrood, the former First Minister was gracious and good humoured.

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Blinkered Labour came up short on wage pledge

LIVING wage, minimum wage and zero hours. The language of low pay gets complicated at times.

The reality is simple. If you’re skint, you’re skint.

But it does help to understand WHY low pay is getting worse.

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Only Home Rule will do if political establishment is to satisfy terms of 'The Vow'

Historical calls for Scottish Home Rule echoed across the land this week when a former Labour First Minister launched a new campaign for real power inside the UK.

Henry McLeish and the Campaign for Scottish Home Rule follow in the footsteps of illustrious names from our nation’s past.

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Ruth would be just right for Red Tories

IT’S the job nobody seemed to want. Then Sarah Boyack offered herself up.

The words sacrificial lamb spring to mind.

I was thinking of another female candidate to lead Labour myself.

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Why going Dutch will get Scots on their bike

IT could only be described as a bone-shaker, though the logo on the frame proclaimed it to be an “Amazonian”.

I certainly didn’t feel very Amazonian when I got on my first bicycle in 20 years at the weekend.

I wobbled precariously down the very flat Dutch street as seasoned cyclists looked puzzled, if not amused. But it is true that once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget.

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Joan McAlpine: Westminster and Beeb.. the all-England club

NIGEL Farage was once run out of Scotland – his much-vaunted beery “charm” is lost on us.

But our state broadcasters are about to help their chum get his own back.

The BBC are foisting him on us during the General Election leaders’ debates next year whether we like it or not

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Party is full steam ahead on delivering for Scotland.. despite Westminster cutbacks

A COUPLE of weeks ago I got chatting to a woman from my home area of Inverclyde.

She was married to a worker at Ferguson’s shipyard in Port Glasgow which was threatened with closure until engineering entrepreneur Jim McColl rode to the rescue.

I don’t know the woman’s political affiliations.

But when I mentioned I was an SNP MSP, there was no holding her back.

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Establishment cannot wish away size of Yes vote.. or expectations of those that voted No

HARRY POTTER author JK Rowling was the biggest single donor to the No campaign.

But she did not put her £1million behind no change. On September 6, Ms Rowling told her 3.7million Twitter followers: “I’m voting No then supporting anyone who’ll give us devo max.”

Four days later JK again tweeted: “In the event of a No vote we are now being offered home rule plus economic advantages of union. #bettertogether #indyref.”

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Labour voted yes.. to self-destruction

THE youngish man opposite me at the polling station wore a large red and yellow rosette.

He had a pile of No Thanks Labour leaflets warning of doom and catastrophe should the people of this working class area vote to take their future into their own hands.

But this “Labour” representative was not all he seemed. Despite his red rosette and Labour branding, he was in fact a Conservative councillor.

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Internet gives us knowledge and that hands us power

I FOUND myself canvassing the same streets as the opposition last week.

It was quite a thrill to catch a glimpse of them. The No campaign are like hen’s teeth on the ground.

Yes have pounded the pavements for two years.

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It's time to take a close look at some of London's lies over Scots oil wealth

JOAN looks deeper in to the some Westminster's claims regarding how Britain's oil would be distributed if Scotland became an independent nation.

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We need powers to end disgrace of food banks

FOOD banks are the soup kitchens of our time and a disgrace to the UK.

I was invited to help out at one run by the First Base charity in Dumfries.

It was a shocking experience.

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Salmond presented a positive vision for Scotland

SALMOND talks about Scotland. Darling talks about Salmond. That more or less encapsulates last night’s TV debate.

Salmond presented a positive vision for Scotland. He was so confident in our country and its people that he stepped out in front of the podium to make the cas

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Industrial scale tosh from George Osborne

GEORGE Osborne looks even more smug than usual. He says the UK economy has recovered thanks to his sterling work.

Somebody is doing well – but it’s probably not you. Two in three people feel poorer – and they are not imagining it.

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How Labour, Lib Dems and Tories are using lies, damned lies and statistics

THE Big Lie is a common propaganda technique.

It means a falsehood so outrageous we think no one would have the gall to make it up.

So it is repeated and believed.

In George Orwell’s 1984, set in a totalitarian regime, the technique was called doublethink, meaning “To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient.

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Good people shackled by evil in high places

EVIL will triumph when good men do nothing.

That is one of the most repeated quotes of modern times.

But it doesn’t apply to the Westminster child abuse scandal.

Because good men and women DID do something when they suspected the abuse of boys and girls by paedophiles in powerful positions. They spoke up. They reported their concerns.

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Scotland is big enough and smart enough to go it alone

TOO wee, too poor, too stupid. It’s an oldie, but the No campaign still think it’s a goodie.

If you tell a child repeatedly they are useless, that’s what he or she will believe.

Fear of failure can stop a person reaching their full potential.

It’s just the same for countries. But Scotland is none of these things.

Let’s examine the facts.

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It's high time Labour put the people first

A MILLION people in Scotland now live in poverty, according to the latest official figures – a big rise.

Things will get worse – another 70 per cent of the UK Government’s welfare cuts have still to come.

Shamefully, yesterday’s figures revealed six out of 10 children living in poverty had a parent in work.

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Get shot of Trident and save us a bomb

WHEN William Wilberforce campaigned against the horrors of the slave trade, he met with the jobs argument too.

Buying human beings and working them till they died of exhaustion was a moral abomination. It also provided thousands of jobs in shipping and shipbuilding, in the selling and processing of sugar, coffee tobacco and much more.

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