Civic Scotland 'United in Condemnation' of Tory Budget

The SNP is today highlighting the range of criticism of George Osborne’s budget from Civic Scotland as the third sector unites in condemnation of the measures – and condemned the ‘extreme’ cuts to support for young people.

Major third-sector organisations across Scotland including the STUC, Shelter Scotland, the Child Poverty Action Group, the SFHA and Citizens Advice Scotland have highlighted the serious regressive measures contained in the Budget – which will worsen child poverty, make it harder to escape the poverty trap and implements social security cuts which “have the potential to be just as damaging as the ‘bedroom tax’.”

The impact of the Tory budget on young people in particular has been highlighted today, with Shelter Scotland saying that the decision to axe housing benefit for people under the age of 21 “completely removes the safety net” in place to protect vulnerable young people. 

Commenting, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said: 

“George Osborne’s budget has already fallen apart at the seams at the first sign of scrutiny with the IFS highlighting that the measures will only increase the burden on people who are already struggling – so it’s no wonder that Civic Scotland is united in condemnation of these appalling plans. 

“The impact on young people will be particularly severe, with housing benefit axed for people under the age of 21 – a move which the SFHA says has the potential to have an even worse impact than the Bedroom Tax.  

“The fact that front line organisations which see first-hand the impact of the Tory assault on the working poor and young people in communities across Scotland are united in condemnation of this Budget should make the Chancellor sit up and take notice – but unfortunately we know that his commitment to cuts is based on pure right-wing ideology rather than on evidence.

“The poorest people in society have paid the price for the Tory obsession with austerity for far too long – it’s time for these powers to be in Scotland’s hands rather than Westminster’s, to allow a new approach with growth and fairness at its heart, rather than remaining wedded to the Tories’ failed, ideological commitment to cuts.”

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