Brussels' power has nothing on London's grip over Scotland

THIS is a tale of two ­referendums. There are some similarities in the campaign lines that make Yes voters like me want to hide under the duvet.

Remain’s threats of raised prices, slashed public spending and social collapse are too reminiscent of the campaign against ­Scottish ­independence run by Labour and financed by the Tories in 2014.

But I will still vote Remain because the Leave side is so much worse.

That’s the ­difference between OUR ­referendum and this one, from the ­ambitious Boris-­Brexiteers, through varying degrees of UKIP nastiness to the extremism of Britain First and the BNP.

Don’t let anyone EVER compare this crowd to the Yes campaign in Scotland.

Brexit represents an aggressive, backward-looking, often racist British nationalism. A vote for Brexit would be a victory for politicians who believe in preserving and entrenching the gulf between rich and poor.

Britain is one of the least equal countries in Europe. Brexit want to keep it that way.

The Yes campaign was a positive, inclusive self-determination ­movement that said Scotland was welcoming all creeds and colours. And unlike in the EUref, the Scottish Parliament ensured that European citizens who lived and worked in Scotland had a right to vote.

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