Brain drain is a grey matter of urgency

SCOTLAND is the best educated country in Europe, if not the world.

That was the good news released by the Office for National Statistics this week. Nearly 45 per cent of us have been to college, ahead of Ireland, Luxembourg and Finland, the only other countries to get more than 40 per cent.

But even folk who didn’t finish higher or further education are a bright bunch, with a high number of the working population holding qualifications at NVQ4 level or above. So a pat on the back to us.

People are any country’s greatest asset. Education is something controlled entirely in Scotland through local authorities and our own parliament.

The challenge is holding on to this precious asset.

Too many of our young people leave Scotland, particularly those with degrees and other types of qualifications.

They want a good salary in return for their hard work. Many feel they must go south – or abroad – to get it...

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