Boris Johnson is the great white shark of the post-EU referendum feeding frenzy

THERE'S a funny game on the internet site Buzzfeed where you “make up your own EU scare story.”

The anti-Brexit options are by far the most bizarre.

If we vote leave, the only legal holiday will be caravanning in Wales, ISIS will occupy the Isle of Wight and pasta will be off the menu.

Oh, and Boris Johnson will be PM.

The last one is no joke, unfortunately.

Vote Brexit, Get Boris, go together like wonky bananas and cream.

But’s it’s worse than that.

We are quite likely to get Boris whatever the outcome.

The flaxen haired fop could end up PM even if the UK narrowly votes to remain in the EU – with Scotland tipping the balance.

Press Association

The campaign is hotting up as Boris Johnson is followed by activists for the Vote Remain campaign
Brexit views are strong in England’s Tory heartlands and among Conservative party members.

If they lose this referendum their anger will bubble over.

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