Big transport and infrastructure projects show SNP is more than 'getting on with the job'

GETTING on with the day job can be a pain in the neck.

That’s my thought as I navigate the morass of motorway lane closures on the M8, M74 and M73.

Drone footage released earlier this month showed the scale of the roadworks, though if you – like me – have crawled along those contraflows, you probably don’t need an aerial view.

But this is pain for gain. The £500million upgrade to the central motorway will make journeys shorter and answer calls, going back decades, to upgrade the essential Glasgow – Edinburgh road link.

It’s a good example of the SNP Government doing exactly what their British nationalist Tory opponents call “getting on with the day job”. 

This phrase is often used alongside the claim that the Scottish Government are distracted by independence, hence neglecting the day job.

But as this column has argued before, the Holyrood Tory leader Ruth Davidson talks about independence more than Nicola Sturgeon and her cabinet ministers rolled into one.

While the Tories drone on about second referendums, the SNP get on with building stuff and running the country.

The M8 work is something that Labour and Tory politicians have long called for – but never managed to deliver when in government themselves.

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