Big Business write their own tax rules.. with the Tories’ pen

ONCE upon a time we talked about the redistribution of wealth.

Now it’s the upward distribution of wealth.

Once, most right-thinking people thought sharing fairly should be the aspiration of any decent society.

Now, those with most pay the least to the collective pot – because they have the tricks to hide their wealth.

And right-wing governments, like the one we currently endure at UK level, allow them to get away with it.

It’s quite staggering to think that I paid more tax in the UK last year than Facebook, who managed to contribute just under £5000 to the Treasury.

The term “upward distribution” was coined by a talented economist called Gabriel Zucman.

In his book The Hidden Wealth of Nations, Zucman writes of the rapid growth of inequality and the rise of the elite one per cent, whose wealth is increasingly concealed in tax havens.

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