Anyone planning their retirement should be worried about the Tory government's plans

Is your pension safe with Theresa May?

All the evidence suggests OAPs, or anyone planning retirement, should worry about a Tory government.

Their track record on pensions is terrible – before you even consider the threatened broken promise on the so-called “triple lock”.

It’s their disgraceful treatment of “WASPI” women born in the 50s.

It’s the plummeting value of UK pensions under the Tories, compared with other countries.

It’s the lies the Tories told when promising retirees a superior new “flat-rate” pension.

On Andrew Marr this Sunday, Theresa May again refused to answer straight when asked if she would keep the “triple lock”.

The lock guarantees pensions will rise by the rate of inflation for wages or prices – or 2.5 per cent, which ever is highest.

This “triple lock” was meant to tackle pensioner poverty.

Before it came along, the state pension had sunk to its lowest level as a proportion of full-time wages – 16 per cent.

One in every six pensioners in the UK still lives below the poverty line.

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