A free Scotland could be equal of anyone, Barroso

DESPITE claims an independent Scotland would have to reapply for EU membership, there is nothing in the laws that allows a member to be thrown out.

SCOTLAND is one of Europe’s oldest nations. For hundreds of years we had a special relationship with France in the Auld Alliance.

Our soldiers played a major role in liberating the continent from the Nazis. Our fishing grounds and oil wealth make us one of the EU’s wealthiest countries.

Yet last week in parliament, the Labour and the Tory allies laughed together when Nicola Sturgeon talked of Scotland negotiating the best possible deal for ourselves in the European Union.

They found it hilarious that our Deputy First Minister should have the impudence to expect talks with the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso. Such mockery betrays the No campaign’s pitiful attitude to their own country. They believe acting as an equal in Europe is “getting above ourselves” and President Barroso is out of our league.

They also seem to believe Scots are stupid. Last week David Cameron said no country can be forced to join the Euro, which is quite right.

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